Spoiler Alert

This part of the website was created to give audience members of The Unfamiliar an insight into the Hawaiian mythology and references used in the film.
This specific section is best studied after watching the film.


“Decoding the Hawaiian mythology and the meaning of each cultural reference in The Unfamiliar may feel like assembling a complex puzzle with the lead character; a puzzle that consists of tiny pieces that were left for the audience to find and to ultimately make sense of.

“Hawaii is often portrayed as an idyllic holiday destination, with friendly local people that serve tourists. But look closer and you will find a wealth of mythological creatures, beliefs and mysteries woven into the psyche of the Native Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli).

“The Unfamiliar explores some of these mythological creatures, combined with ancient ritual (transference) and a Hawaiian shaman (Kahuna).”

Henk Pretorius - Director, Co-Writer
Made with the support of the British Film Institute.