Night Marchers

The Night Marchers are ancient Hawaiian warrior-ghosts that suck the life-force from their victims.
Legend says they come forth from burial sites or rise up in the ocean and march in large groups to long-forgotten burial sites and sacred Hawaiian places.
If a Night Marcher crosses your path, make sure to lie still on your stomach and never look the warrior in the eye.

Bringing the Night Marchers to Life

In The Unfamiliar, a Night Marcher crosses Elizabeth “Izzy” Cormack’s path after she was scared by the Mujina in the underworld. 

Izzy does not get a good look at the Night Marcher and most of its features remain a mystery to the audience. 

This encounter adds to the disorientation Izzy is feeling in the foreign space.

The night marchers sound scape

Sound designer Simon Gershon imagined the Night Marcher as continually sounding like it’s drowning in its own blood.

This gargling sound, combined with additional sound elements, created a haunting sound that re-recording mixer Jim Petrak used in the final mix.

Isolated sounds:
As used in the film:
Made with the support of the British Film Institute.