Pete Wallington

Director of Photography

Pete Wallington has over a decade of experience as a Director of Photography working in features, drama and commercials, and has shot in every genre and on every available format, all across the globe.

Whilst studying Human Genetics at Nottingham University, Pete’s obsession with photography, lighting, and cinema led him to seek out student short film projects which in turn led to his first forays into cinematography. After graduating, Pete joined a music video production company where he shot dozens of music videos, live performances and corporate videos, whilst also working as a freelance cinematographer for many short film productions. His first feature film, The Symmetry of Love, was well received at festivals and this success continued to grow with his subsequent feature films. His latest feature, The Isle, has received multiple awards, including for Pete’s cinematography, as well as theatrical and VOD releases in the US and UK, and an excellent critical reception.

Pete is still constantly studying, both practically and theoretically, and dedicated to challenging himself with every shoot. An ability to light and shoot very quickly, efficiently and creatively, while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable set and an uncompromising vision has made Pete a sought-after UK cinematographer with many interesting projects in the pipeline.

In addition to his main unit cinematography, Pete has also relished any opportunity to work on set with more experienced professionals, which has led him to work on such films as Jerry Bruckheimer’s 3D production of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and various projects for Lucasfilm around their Star Wars productions in the UK.

Pete is ultimately committed to fulfilling the director’s vision in a creative and compelling way that compliments the needs of the script, always aware that story comes first, and that the job of the cinematographer is to use imagery to service that story.

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