Llewelynn Greeff


Llewelynn Greeff is passionate about the production of content, innovation, technology and solving complex problems within the entertainment industry.

After graduating from Oxford Brookes University (UK) with a Degree in Information Management, Llewelynn Greeff started his career in the exponentially and rapidly expanding field of technology and business. During his studies, Llewelynn also served as a lecturer at several universities and colleges in South Africa, including the University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and the Damelin Education Group.
From 1999 to 2012 Llewelynn excelled in senior leadership roles within the technology sector, specialising in project management, service delivery, management training and digital editing in the commercial and corporate space. Llewelynn’s experience includes senior roles at the Damelin Education Group, London Business School and Pearson International.

Llewelynn decided to pursue his lifelong dream as a filmmaker and enrolled at the Metropolitan Film School based at Ealing Studios in London, UK. Shortly after graduating, Llewelynn co-founded the multi-national company, Dark Matter Studios, with Henk Pretorius in 2013.

Llewelynn saw the uncanny similarity in the blueprint of the content lifecycle vs the programming software lifecycle. In both cases, you are providing a unique product to the market for a targeted user group. And just as you would require a well-executed sales strategy for new software, similarly this is also the case for the sales and distribution of content on a global scale. Combining their collective knowledge and experience, Llewelynn and Henk knew that Dark Matter Studios would become a content provider with an edge and alignment with the constant adaption required by this growing industry.

Llewelynn and Henk mapped out their long-term vision of becoming a world-leading content provider with the emphasis on an actual value chain from script to screen and into the world of entertainment. By immersing themselves entirely in the film industry both in the USA and UK, they both very quickly discovered what it takes to make commercial films that can sustain the value of the IP and be monetised throughout the world, across all mediums.

Dark Matter Studios has co-produced the films Bakgat! 3 and Wolwedans in die Skemer. Since pairing up, Llewelynn and Henk have also produced Box Office Hit Leading Lady, Multi-Award-Winning Blood and Glory (Modder En Bloed) and, most recently, their latest production in the UK, titled The Unfamiliar. The next producing role for Llewelynn will be on the upcoming feature film from Dark Matter Studios, titled Age, set for production later this year.

Llewelynn has demonstrated a high degree of business acumen in Dark Matter Studios’ specific quest to create a sustainable business model in the ever-evolving entertainment industry. Together with Henk Pretorius and Barend Kruger, they continue to work towards becoming one of the leading independent studios in the world, creating wealth through content.

Made with the support of the British Film Institute.