Jacques Jay Loots

Film Editor

Jacques Jay Loots is an editor, colourist and short form producer born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Jay began his career as an ADOBE certified professional and design and media lecturer, but later shifted his focus to the film industry when he established his design and production company in early 2009.

Jay entered the film industry by working on numerous films as key art developer and unit stills photographer. He worked closely with PR, marketing and production teams, quickly establishing his name in the industry. He has worked on more than 50 music videos as producer, editor and/or colourist and has cut many feature film cinematic trailers. Jay has also worked on the post-production and editing for various commercials.

As narrative editor, he cut his teeth on the chilling Transference (2018 short film by Henk Pretorius) and the controversial Blue Dress (2019 short film by Brett Michael Innes) where he fell in love with the craft. He assembled and cut his first feature film in London, UK for Dark Matter Studios’ psychological thriller/horror The Unfamiliar (2020) and hopes to do many more.

Jay is also known as a music artist, with his solo album “Feel Good” released in 2020 under the project name LONEFIELD (Apple Music, Spotify etc.) where he worked with Grammy-winning mastering engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish, LP, Ice Cube).

Jay currently resides in Johannesburg, but frequently travels to the UK.

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